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29. 01. 2013

History of Adobe Photoshop

When he was a student at the University of Michigan in 1987 Tom Knoll had an Apple Macintosh computer.
As a PhD student he was of course quite gifted and he used his Mac to create a program that could show grayscale images on a monochrome display (the computer screen). Mt. Knoll named the program ‘Display’ and, although it was rather limited, it managed to get the attention of his older brother John. 

The fact that John worked at Industrial Light and magic, the special effects company stared by George Lucas of Star Wars fame, was a complete stroke of luck. That stroke was all that was needed to get ‘Display’ turned into the powerhouse image editing program that is today used by millions around the world, Adobe Photoshop.

In the early days the program was not even close to as powerful and useful as it is today.  Nevertheless back then it was impressive enough that Russell Brown, the art director at Adobe, decided to purchase licensing for the program. Adobe Photoshop 1.0 was first released to the public in 1990.  The first edition was made for the Apple Macintosh exclusively and was a tremendous hit.
Today Adobe and Photoshop have become synonymous with photo editing on every level. Photographers around the world use Photoshop to manipulate photographs in every manner imaginable.  Designers, magazine editors and practically anyone who works with digital images knows Photoshop and has probably worked with the program at one time or another.

Photoshop allows manipulation of photos and other images on an incredible scale.  Colors, sizes and layers can be infinitely changed, combined and re-imagined and the ways in which the programs tools can be interchanged is practically limitless.
Like any program of its magnitude it takes a bit of time to really know the program well and get the most out of it.  Beginners can get started quickly however as the controls are very intuitive.  The fact is, there are few programs on the market today that are as well-known and offer more choices than Photoshop. If you’re into photo manipulation, it definitely is a program that you should consider purchasing. The best ones are able to design whole PSD website templates (PSD is the extension of the Photoshop files) and all kinds of graphics design. 
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